External perspectives

External perspectives

CBI is now the leading provider of market intelligence (MI) in Europe. After overhauling its MI offering these past few years it currently offers SMEs and business support organisations in developing countries that are involved in exporting to Europe a distinctly fit-for-purpose new set of MI products.

And to make them even more accessible CBI has also launched a new MI platform on its website offering a clear, interactive, sector-by-sector overview of all these new products. Two industry insiders reveal how companies can get smart with CBI market intelligence.
External perspectives

“You constantly rely
on market intelligence to
make informed decisions”

Laszlo Klucs
Senior Consultant IT service and
offshore outsourcing

The goal is for companies to build up a sustainable business line in Europe by finding partners and clients and developing leads and contacts. Market intelligence contributes considerably. Companies that want to offer services in Europe need to know about EU markets and trade channels. You constantly rely on market intelligence to make informed decisions. CBI used to produce one market report covering several segments, but now it has many tools, providing a descriptive snapshot of the market and making forecasts.

Nowadays, when CBI develops new market intelligence products, many different players are involved. Peer Groups then get together to verify the validity of the products and improve them. This process generates high quality research, which is made available free of charge. Companies that CBI helps don’t have the means, capacity, knowledge or the time to produce information of such high quality themselves.

External perspectives

“To make it all possible we relied
on CBI’s market intelligence”

Oliver Prado
CEO of DG Global-Phoning Group

I run a multilingual BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) firm based in Moldova. I started the business from scratch in 2007 and have experienced 100 per cent growth every year since then. We now employ 300 people and have clients across Europe, in almost every country. We joined CBI’s export coaching programme two years ago. Taking part in the programme meant that we had to develop a European marketing plan. The programme stimulated us to research, write and articulate our goals, which was extremely useful. To make it all possible we relied on CBI’s market intelligence.

I was later asked by CBI to take part in their BPO Peer Group. Although I was there as an ‘expert’ service provider. The Peer Groups help to confirm things that we are already noticing. That is very valuable. To this day we still make use of CBI’s market intelligence. For example, Trendmapping for BPO helped us to develop our marketing and branding policy for 2013, as did its CBI Market Competitiveness report, plus the Channels and Segments documents. The available information gave us a clearer vision of tendencies in the current European market.